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Client: Start Up Venture

CTA was hired by a group of seed capital investors to develop the Southeast’s first commercial scale grain ethanol plant (100 MGY). This 18 month development campaign included:

CTA organized and managed this public company’s 18 month development campaign including sponsorships/grants from major utility and other organizations to fund some of the seed capital initiatives; developed the business plan and marketing materials required for the capital campaign; organized and supported the $200MM capital raise required to build and operate the plant; and led all technical aspects of the project to including siting the plant, zoning, permitting, origination contracts, off-take contracts, managing the development of the public offering documents, managing civil engineers, managing the EPC contractor and overall general management. The finance campaign was completed within 120 days and the project was built and operated by the seed capital group before being purchased by the Koch Brothers Flint Hills Resources.

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