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Agriculture, Energy, Environmental,

Real Estate, and Sustainability

C. Thompson & Associates is a management company organized in Georgia in 1999 to provide a variety of services across a range of clients including development stage companies, small companies, Fortune 500 companies and public organizations. CTA has the unique ability to develop and implement strategies at all levels of organizations with core competencies in the Agriculture, Energy, Environmental, Real Estate and Sustainability industries. Due to a modest fee structure and willingness to execute work on performance-based contracts, CTA is brought into implementation and often is viewed as an extension to the organizations served.

Development Stage Companies

CTA is hired to develop startup companies, from the idea creation stage to the operating or implementation stage. In this capacity, CTA serves as the management team responsible for all aspects of the company development including: feasibility studies or evaluations; business/marketing plan development; board and management team facilitation; and raising capital. Success in this process requires the ability to lead a group of entrepreneurial thinkers (board members) in a unified direction and selling a concept to a target audience (banks, investors, communities, etc.).

Small Companies

CTA is typically hired by small companies to help them grow their business after reaching a plateau. With these types of engagements, CTA would come into the business and benchmark the current organization against the industry; develop new strategies to carry the organization to the next performance level; develop a new business and marketing plan with performance metrics; and assist the company with implementing the selected new strategies. Success with these types of engagements requires a disciplined process and roadmap that keeps small business owners heading in one direction and a vision that shows a reward worth the investment in a direction change.

Fortune 500 Companies

Large companies will generally hire CTA to infuse entrepreneurial thinking into their administrative or bureaucratic planning and operating processes. CTA has been successful in developing new program level strategies that have been implemented across multi-billion dollar organizations, which requires very thoughtful planning and marketing for both internal and external organizations involved. CTA is often hired as a change agent to sell the new concepts to management teams across the organizations involved. These programs are typically developed across a 1 to 2 year horizon and success is usually measured after 4 to 5 years of implementation.

Public & Non-Profit Organizations

CTA has provided a variety of services across a multitude of public organizations. This includes industry development services for state level agencies in Georgia; serving on multiple legislative committee initiatives; organizing sponsored events and programs; and facilitating strategic planning sessions to market and develop local community assets.

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